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    Mens' socks
    Tong Wa

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    The third Chinese international knitting exposition hot atmosphere deals with the cold environment
    Time:2010/1/28    Views:7398 

           August 25-27, W5 Museum in Shanghai New International Expo Center, where the most dynamic, a new product release and then a technical exchanges, as well as the shuttle during the flow of people, let this crowded exhibition hall. However, just outside the Expo Center, including China, the world economy from the financial crisis has not yet recovered from the heavy blow, especially the foreign trade market is still cold pressing. In the summer heat has not faded in Shanghai, it is so cold and heat staged a trial of strength.

    The audience: Looking for the next selling point for a market
    China International Knitting Trade Fair this year, although there is no breakthrough in the area on the past, but the increase in the number of enterprises to participate in dozens of home, organizers carefully arranged to show highlights of activities to increase a lot.
    Perhaps the industry's strong advance so that people can not ignore the Knitting Fair, or the show itself has a strong attraction, in short needles of this year's Expo brought together from industry leaders on down to the common concerns of many practitioners. And this concern from the industry to some extent reflects the current state of mind.
    As always, August 25, Knitting Fair on opening day ushered in a number of distinguished guests. China Textile Industry Association, Du Chau, Vice Chairman Hsu Kun-yuan, Wang Tiankai, an industry leader such as better tomorrow, but rare to meet in the exhibition. Can not fail to mention is that some leaders are visiting the occupied nine textile pavilion at the Expo was to pin Bo, however the consumption of physical strength, and the pace did not let them get tired, enterprise innovation points for each one so that they can reveal happy smile. For exhibitors, this is not only an honor to come, chairman of the Enlightenment from and they will encourage more of the benefit. "Northeast old industrial base but also the development of light," "the future development of the textile industry would like to emphasize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature," "even if the device is not the best, but good corporate governance can also make the top brand", and so wise words, so that the whole exhibition is enhanced.
    To do an underwear company in the South, Mr. Zhang has been sold three times to participate in Knit Fair, and this session of the show that he considered most worth visiting, popular and most-wang. "It's two days, many people come to our booth and bring promotional materials are not enough hair, this is the last one, but probably not all." He was busy greeting the visiting side of the audience, while an information Didao journalist . Like him busy along with a young companion, the reporter in Zhejiang Zhuji Datang Hosiery booth encountered them, they had just come from Jiangsu, "We want to open a shop specializing in selling socks will surely make money." lad to reporters after leaving this sentence, but also hastened to go to another booth.
    Such a large number of viewers walking hurriedly, they might find on display at the new products, new processes, or in the colorful and diverse T-Taiwan side to catch the next season epidemic. The pressure of the financial crisis, so that they strive to tap a new market selling point.

    Exhibitors: Next year should be a big fight
    China Knitting Industry Association, Shi-Bin Yang, chairman of exhibitors this year has deep feelings of enthusiasm, he told reporters, enterprises stand structures and related activities do not have the input be reduced due to the financial crisis. On the contrary, there is more business to decorated to appear, trying to stand through a carefully arranged to show all-round brand. Set up in the Pavilion T-Taiwan, but also popular with corporate favor, carried out in the morning and afternoon fashion new release, through the pooling of the crowd, will be the brand appeal widely disseminated.
    Although many enterprises in this exhibition spared no effort, but still left a bit of regret. Tianzhu Industry Alliance to 750 square meters the size of the appearance can be said stole the show, league debut nearly 50 companies focused on the exhibition can be considered to record the most. However, Hebei Ji Wara, general manager of Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Song Dewu not satisfied, because, and T units separated the two channels, so that results show somewhat weakened, he was determined to further expand the display size of next year, with the T station to connect together .
    And Song Dewu have survived, like beads of regret to some knitted garment enterprises, "T-Taiwan area this year, which serves, corporate response is very good, and some companies did not participate in emergency, let me give them to arrange games for next year will show." China Knitting Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Qu Jing said that, as these activities Trader, she finally felt relieved, because some of the activities of this year is the new attempt, the effect was surprisingly good, which made her more confident for next year.
    Shi-Bin Yang told reporters that many companies ready to make a big fight next year's exhibition. This may mean that the fourth the size of knitting Expo will expand. Knitting Yarn Expo show this year, the same venue with the display, in spite of the upstream and downstream of the seamless docking, but the exhibition hall and overflowed, it became a necessity to expand the scale of needs.
    Lively exhibition will make people forget is still the continuation of a temporary financial crisis, but in fact the vast majority of participating companies are more or less to bear the pain of the crisis.
    An export-oriented enterprises socks person in charge of their statements to reporters on a long single-shortened single, large single-awkward situation of smaller orders, while the socks daily consumables as the relatively weak sensitivity to the crisis, other knitted products is conceivable. Domestic businesses that do the same to reflect, though less affected by the crisis, but it faces increasingly intense competitive pressures. All in all, everyone's life is not easy, but both show a positive image of the show, industry insiders believe that this is because companies want to pass the confidence to their customers, on the other hand expressed the industry future with confidence. Reporters also felt by the industry despite the pressure of numerous, but the company is owned and full of enthusiasm, are active in outlining the future agenda.
    To hot to cold, this is knitting industry response to the crisis of weapons. (China Textile News)

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