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    Mens' socks
    Tong Wa

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    Sock industry marketing new angle of view
    Time:2010/1/28    Views:9689 

    And clothes of different, very few people can remember their own brand of socks worn by the majority of people do not have any socks too specific requirements. When 70% of the world socks are the "factory of the world," said China's low-cost production today, the sock manufacturer where the future? According to statistics, Americans are more than 40 pairs of socks to wear for one year, Hong Kong people to wear more than 30 pairs a year, China's coastal areas to 20 pairs, inland areas to 10 pairs. This is only seen a number of the market. The market must not only by the number of composition, product quality is more important. The second leg as a human being in the heart of human health care plays an important effect. The eyes of people in marketing, socks, not just socks, socks should and entirely can be a foot health care physicians. "Socks to wear in the feet" is just superficial, socks marketing, more focus should be global, in order to increase the health promotion function of socks. Health foot care socks, is bound to create another life for the modern life, "Oasis."
    No matter how complex the means of marketing, using the tools how eye-opening, marketing is actually very simple --- not to help customers solve the problem. Drucker in the "business is what" has long been profoundly pointed out that the existence of the business objective is to create and satisfy customers, but profit is only a natural product of this process; business, if a long-term situations, and strive to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships and customers, profit naturally arises. The short-term profit-oriented and does not give enterprises the greatest long-term profits. Drucker that "creating and meeting the customer" marketing ideas is "Harvard Business Review" as an important management ideas were published, has aroused great repercussion in the industry, was considered to be "given away the secret."
    Socks marketing, to foot gold and should be the first to give birth to healthy foot.
    Socks serves as a source of marketing. Socks by the end of clothing also, "of the end" as the beginning, to seize the real needs of our customers deep --- This is the sock serves as a source of marketing. Socks so-called "end of clothing also" because it is different from the clothes, unlike the clothing wearer as can directly produce psychological changes, resulting in a decent, dignified, avant-garde, alternative, elegant, sturdy, romantic, free and easy, and other psychological value-added . As the socks low-skilled, low barriers to entry, technological level can not be clearly separated Gao Xia, if you want to do in this product area specialists, the need in the textile, printing and dyeing, new technologies, new materials, product development, design capability and other aspects all do our best.
    "Asked the Drainage what so clear expectations, to have the source of flowing water to." Scientifically determine whether a consumer's demand is the fundamental core values of refining, and not only to define the current needs, but also to forward-looking manner to identify potential needs and future needs.
    According to market research found that consumers brands listed in the description of pairs of socks, quality, performance, and so far more than a description of an emotional description of the brand. Socks on consumer satisfaction tests found that participants are not satisfied with the main point of the socks on "easy to de-silk," "wear nausea, gas-tight," "very loose, there is no flexibility," "socks at the end of hardening, "" easily deformed "and" Sweat-absorbent, "and so on. In other words, the core concern of consumers socks socks factor is still a basic thing.
    Therefore, we can assume that the current domestic consumer demand is in the sock market, from basic physiological and security needs to a higher level of demand for the added value of the transitional period. From the physical attributes, the socks, as a clothing accessory, unlike the people's consumption of clothing sensibility. People to choose a pair of socks, more socks because of the demands of a rational and deeply moved by his own, and this demands a rational self-interest of consumers is closely connected.
    Segmentation can really dominate the market. For different target customers to provide different types of health-care socks --- market segments in order to truly dominate the market.
    Zhang Grandpa always liked fitness, flexibility is usually used to wear a pair of feet, socks, socks powerful mouth. A few days ago, Zhang uncle suddenly felt a bit dizzy. To the hospital for examination, found that high blood pressure, doctors say that he always wore tight mouth with socks on.
    Experts believe that what kind of socks to wear is directly related to their health, unfortunately, this issue has yet to pay sufficient attention to the market is difficult to buy old socks.
    From the texture that the bacteria in the socks on the speed of propagation followed by polyester, nylon, acrylic, wool, cotton and real silk stockings. This is due to polyester and nylon socks absorb moisture is poor, while wool, cotton and silk socks to absorb sweat well because of its contained water-soluble dirt, so bacteria breeding in these socks on the relatively slow. Therefore, the elderly should be promoted, wool socks, cotton or silk socks.
    Old socks should have health care function. The elderly is best to wear special socks. The elderly should have the socks to maintain normal body temperature, keeping the body clean, and even health care role. The distribution of sweat glands on the soles of the feet and the palm of your hand the same as the rich, even if other parts of the body the skin sweat gland secretion of all the stop, feet are still more than the sweat gland. Especially during the summer, the elderly wear thin, breathable, moisture, Moisture and good socks, be conducive to Jiaohan volatile.
    There is a hosiery company, in the socks, the regarded as a heterogeneous rise, it captures the natural connection socks and health. It is Solomon Socks Co., Ltd..
    Solomon was founded in 1951, is currently the prime mover by the company Thornburg's parents founded. In 1978, Suoenboge 41 years old, because of weight concerns, he was determined to attend a boarding weight-loss program. Here, Suoenboge forced to walk 8 miles a day. Because the feet are too painful, he asked his director of product design, to give him a pair of socks the most thick crust. But when Suoenboge tried socks, he found that, when the heel and toes feel comfortable, his feet began to hurt. Then again in charge of thin socks and the bottom of the raw number. However, they complain when the feet stop Suoenboge tortured him, heels again hurt. So Thornburg request "under the instep pads removed, Retention heel and toes of the mat." Problem-solving, and feet do not hurt, and can go 10 miles a day. Suoenboge experience from this case to: "Where there is trouble, where is your opportunity lies." Suoenboge trouble in his feet, thus, he imagined that if his have a unique lining cushion socks can solve his problems, then they can help others. So he immediately patented his design --- the heel and toes in the socks wool at additional cushioning in the feet office did not.
    Since then, a comfortable sports and leisure socks socks become the main direction of Solomon. But the point, the myth of his socks only a small step. In fact, loyal consumers prompted Suoenboge change on their own understanding of the mission. Around 1985, he began to receive the heart doctors and foot doctor's letter. They told him that Solomon socks allow their patients to do more exercise. At the same time, consumers also began to write to the company, reflecting the Solow socks can reduce the generation and extension of blisters walking time. At this time, Suoenboge called his management team told us: "If all these rumors are true, then it should confirm it. We can enter the health care industry, where there is ample room for growth."
    As a result, Suoenboge come up with a few million dollars in funding medical research, to persuade doctors to patients in a trial Solow socks. As a result, Solomon received a scientific treatment of socks, "a report to show that we reduced the long-distance athletes foot blisters; another report confirmed that our socks, feet and legs can promote blood circulation, reducing diabetes The pressure on both feet; another report confirmed that we can help to reduce arthritis pain in the foot 50 percent. "
    Right Suoenboge, it changed his view of their way. "I'm no longer a sock manufacturer, but more like a foot doctor." In this study, companies experience in product design, Shi Hai will simply guess the needs of customers, but now considering allowing companies are engaged with the scientific understanding of the cause, the scientific elements began to be integrated into the design of standards Solomon socks. Solomon started using is called "plantar pressure gait analysis" techniques: the use of a computer device, through a paper-thin sensors and 3D monitor, measure foot pressure point of the movement and pressure. This equipment in the foot doctor's office is very common, but has never appeared in a hosiery company.
    In the traditional system of socks companies, people sitting in the conference room to discuss four things: "We are fighting today to be sent for the number of socks? To please the largest national chains, what can we do? It is because they are the largest wholesaler. We how to become low-cost producer? What is fashion? "
    But Suoenboge act in law is entirely different. He hoped that in the design of each sock should focus on functionality, rather than fashion; he insisted on using the best raw materials to production; to consumers rather than retailers, first place; he was concerned about profit margins rather than share. Solomon profit margin is twice the industry average. Solomon is not prepared to outsource production of their products to overseas, he thinks it will be deprived of raw materials and production methods for high-quality continuous monitoring capability, which is the product will maintain high prices causes. He has invested millions of dollars to establish their own factories, training their own staff, creating what he called a "sustainable" companies.
    As the focus on the consumer rather than the retailers, Suoenboge to spend huge sums of money to build two-way communication with consumers and exchanges, which is where the other sock makers are extremely rare. Susan Graham as the company's consumer advisory position, her duty is to listen to consumer feedback. Graham spent most of the time every day of direct communication with consumers, not phone calls, letters and e-mail is the reply. She heard from the runners, walking athletes, tennis players, skiers and hikers voice, but also those who Solomon socks as casual everyday wear socks in person. Graham will advise consumers to send her worn socks, so that she can see where pierced. Her desk is often there are some packages, and sometimes stood inside a pair of socks for many years to wear clear, and accompanied by a letter from the owner: he was often been frayed heel or elastic socks to worry about failure. There is also a Nebraska who bought a pair of Solomon's mini-work socks, but he complained that the socks are always slipped his feet, and far too cumbersome. Solomon's give him a refund, and sent on the 1st pair of running socks. One sock liner because of a number of relatively thin, so as to give his feet to stay some breathable space. This gave Solomon the opportunity to be dissatisfied customers into loyal users.
    Graham used an in-house developed software --- love support programs to collect consumer complaints and actions taken by records into databases, where records of her have been in contact for nearly 20 million customers information. Letters form a large number of customer information warehouse, for the improvement and upgrading of the company's products provide the necessary information. For example, customers of the most common complaint is that I can easily loose socks, so that new business development staff will focus on strengthening the structural design of some socks styles to address the socks the mouth of the problem. There are a large number of customers complained that the store is now optional Solomon are too many product categories; but on the other hand they are increasingly difficult to find suitable the. This raises the company's customer relationship management was a major change. The company quickly hired a market research firm to conduct a study ladder, through the user-depth interviews, in an accurate picture of the user using the product and accept true feelings and attitudes will be followed by users of Solomon socks into the four categories: satisfied type, very pleased with type, brand loyalty type, very brand-loyal type. Brand Loyalty-based users typically have 10 pairs of socks more than Solomon, who will be happy to accept the company sent to them about their feet healthy exchange of information; and very brand loyalty-based users, there is a right Solow socks fanaticism, and their companies to establish long-term fixed link.
    The essence of marketing to create value for customers since the customer needs --- is not only a specific product, but to solve his particular problem, we need to do is to find a solution to customer problems, and put it in order to the right price to the customer. In the homogenization of the sock market is still very serious, who can quickly and provide better differentiated products, "socks + health" is a very worth developing areas. Abroad Solomon Socks Co., Ltd. extraordinary, this is to deeply understand the "yes socks, but also is healthy; it is the trees, but also the forest," the truth. Them to implement the unique differentiation strategy, the occupation of the market opportunities, and achieved good results.
    (China Fashion Weekly)

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